In memoriam: Hisao Inagaki, sensei

From Mark Blum:

As the representative of IASBS North America, it is with great sadness that I write to inform you of the passing of Inagaki Hisao, one of the founders of our organization. A true pathfinder, although born in Kobe to a well-respected scholar of Shin, Hisao got his PhD from the School of Oriental and African Studies at the University of London in 1968, and then taught there for 12 years before returning to Japan and taking up a position at Ryūkoku Daigaku in 1981. Many of us think of IASBS as the brainchild of Inagaki-sensei, and in every meeting I went to from my time in grad school, he occupied a position of authority. There is a Japanese-language Wikipedia page about him that shows him being president from 1993 to 2005. On the IASBS website we will soon post a more detailed statement about Inagaki’s life and career by our current president, Mitsuya Dake, but for now I just want to mention that his publications have been enormously helpful and he was always kind, supportive, and encouraging to me personally. His vision for combining the world of the temple with the world of the university in an international way has had a very positive impact for all. 
We bow in deep respect to Inagaki-sensei. 

Mark Blum, UC Berkeley

As for myself, I can say that Inagaki sensei was very welcoming during my research in Japan, providing assistance and the kind of support that as a young scholar abroad I deeply appreciated. Richard K. Payne

1 thought on “In memoriam: Hisao Inagaki, sensei

  1. Dear Richard Payne l am sad to hear of the passing Of Reverend Hisao Inagaki. I was a member of his small temple in 1976- 1980. He helped me find my true path in Buddhism. I was initiated into Jodo Shin-Shinshu 1977 then was interesting in Tibetan Buddhism but then travelled to America and Found Jodo Shu in Los Angeles but was told there was no minister and was directed to Jodo Shu in Hawaii. In 1982 I went there and then introduced Jodo Shu to the Buddhist Society In London. I left books but there was no interest. I still practice Jodo Shu. I believe that I still am the only follower in the U.K. in Gratitude Michael Carr(Bowden)

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