Fall 2020: 2 Classes, both online

Two classes this Fall term:

HR 3300: Texts, Terms and Translations

Course Description: This course is a study of the philological approach to Buddhist studies across the tradition, the ways in which texts, originate, were formed, changed over time, are translated, and studied in the present day. These issues have all been central for the understanding of Buddhism as it has moved from one society to another, and are particularly central to the interpretation of Buddhism in the present.

syllabus <download • HR 3300 syllabus REVD 8:30>

HRPS 8320: Psychological Aspects of Buddhism, I: Foundations in Buddhist Psychological Thought

The standard course description follows, but this fall we will be examining one of the key Yogācāra texts, the Compendium of the Great Way (Mahāyānasaṃgraha), comparing two English translations in order to explore the text closely.

Course Description: This course is an examination of the development of psychological theories in the abhidharma, and Yogācara systems of thought, through the reading of both introductory secondary sources, and primary sources in translation. May be repeated for credit when different primary texts are being studied. May be upgraded for doctoral students. Auditors with faculty permission only. Course will be run as a directed readings course—students read materials as per schedule, write a summary of each reading that will be posted for all class members, and write a term paper on a topic of their choice that is related to the course content. Discussion and questions via Moodle website.

syllabus <download HRPS 8320 Syllabus REV’D 8:28>

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