Pure Lands in Asian Texts and Contexts: follow up, table of contents

As seen in the table of contents, the anthology is purposely organized against the grain of existing academic categories. This is intended to facilitate thinking toward future research that is not constrained by all too familiar ethno-national categories.


Series Editor’s Preface, Scott A. Mitchell

Editors’ Introduction, Georgios T. Halkias and Richard K. Payne

I. Ritual Practices


1 The Consecration Scripture Spoken by the Buddha on Being Reborn in Whichever of the Pure Lands of the Ten Directions You Wish,  Ryan Richard Overbey

2 Esoteric Pure Land in Kakuban’s Thought, Anna Andreeva

3 Akṣobhya Homa: Fire Offerings for the Buddha of the Eastern Pure Land, Richard K. Payne

4 Nenbutsu Practice in Genshin’s Ōjōyōshū, Robert F. Rhodes

5 Visions of the Pure Land from the Mind Treasury of Namchö Migyur Dorje, Georgios T. Halkias

II. Contemplative Visualizations


1 Liberating Desire: An Esoteric Pure Land Text by Dīpaṃkaraśrījñāna, Georgios T. Halkias

2 Maitreya’s Tuṣita Heaven as a Pure Land in Gelukpa Forms of Tibetan Buddhism, James Apple

3 Amoghavajra’s Amitāyus Ritual Manual, Thomas Eijō Dreitlein

4 Dōhan’s Compendium on the Secret Contemplation of Buddha Fascicle One, Aaron P. Proffitt

III. Doctrinal Expositions


1 Answers to Forty-Eight Questions about Pure Land (Selections), Charles B. Jones

2 Itō Shōshin: The Role of Buddhism in Emperor Worship, Fabio Rambelli

3 “The Future of American Buddhism”, Michihiro Ama

4 Naikan’s Path, Clark Chilson

5 Wŏnhyo’s Commentary on the Amitābha Sūtra, Richard D. McBride II

IV. Life-Writing and Poetry


1 Seeking the Pure Land on Mount Kōya in Medieval Japan: Biographies from the Accounts of Those From Mount Kōya Who Have Attained Birth in a Pure Land, Ethan Lindsay

2 Contemporary Pure Land Miracle Tales, Natasha Heller

3 In Praise of His Mighty Name: A Tibetan Poem on Amitābha from Dunhuang, Jonathan A. Silk

4 Pure Land Devotional Poetry by a Chan Monk, Natasha Heller

V. Ethical and Aesthetic Explications


1 Religion and Ethics in the Thought of Kiyozawa Manshi, Jacques Fasan

2 The Pure Land and This World in Hishiki Masaharu’s Shin Buddhist Ethics, Ugo Dessì

3 Toward a Pure Land Buddhist Aesthetics: Yanagi Sōetsu on the Vow of Non-Discrimination between Beauty and Ugliness (Muu kōshu no gan), Elisabetta Porcu

4 A Confucian Pure Land? Longshu’s Treatise on Pure Land by Wang Rixiu, Daniel Getz

5 Tanaka Chigaku on “The Age of Unification”, Jacqueline I. Stone

VI. Worlds Beyond Sukhāvatī


1 The Divine Scripture on the Rebirth in the Pure Land of the Highest Cavern Mystery of Numinous Treasure, Henrik Sørensen

2 A Manichaean Pure Land: The Buddhicized Description of the Realm of Light in the Chinese Manichaean Hymnscroll, Gábor Kósa

3 Śambhala as a Pure Land, Vesna Wallace



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