Subjectivity in Shin Buddhism: Pacific World

The first of two special sections for the 2017 issue of Pacific World: Journal of the Institute of Buddhist Studies has now been posted on the Pacific World site: The special section is titled “Subjectivity in Shin Buddhism,” and is guest edited by Dr. Gordon Bermant, University of Pennsylvania and Institute of Buddhist Studies. The section comprises seven essays and an introduction by Dr. Bermant. The essays are:

Introduction to the Special Section on Subjectivity in Shin Buddhism
Gordon Bermant, University of Pennsylvania

The Subjective View of the Student: Aṅgulimāla and Myōhōbō
Patti Nakai, Buddhist Temple of Chicago

Subjectivity at the Heart of Jōdo Shinshū Spirituality and Doctrine: Defining the Meaning of Subjectivity
Kenneth K. Tanaka, Musashino University

The Nature and Importance of Subjectivity in Shin Buddhism
Gordon Bermant, University of Pennsylvania

Cross-Cultural Contributions to Psychology and Neuroscience: Self, Mind, and Mindfulness in
David Bryce Yaden, University of Pennsylvania
Mostafa Meleis, University of Pennsylvania
Andrew B. Newberg, Thomas Jefferson University Hospital
Dave R. Vago, Vanderbilt University Medical Center, and
Justin McDaniel, University of Pennsylvania

Constructing the Self in Pure Land Buddhism: The Role of Ritualized, Embodied Activity in a Social Context
Richard K. Payne, Institute of Buddhist Studies

The Stories We Tell: The Study and Practice of Jōdo Shinshū Buddhism
Scott A. Mitchell, Institute of Buddhist Studies

Subjectivities, Fish Stories, Toxic Beauties: Turning the Wheel Beyond “Buddhism?”
Galen Amstutz, Independent scholar and Institute of Buddhist Studies instructor

A second special section on Recent Research on Tantric Buddhism will be appearing in the near future.


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