ego’s rule

This mindfulness stuff is kinda interesting. Today I learned the ego’s rule:


Today was the 40th annual 4 mile Saratoga to Los Gatos Rotary Club community fund raiser walk & run. I always go out alone, so being in a group was a new experience. I was dismayed to listen to my ego come up with lots of reasons for feeling superior:

• I’m not hunched over like that old guy.

• I’m not as badly overweight as that dude.

• Those ladies sure gossip a lot.

• My registration number is much lower than his, and hers, and his, and theirs.

• Spandex is not flattering.

• Those guys are so competitive!

• Yay! I just passed the father walking with his 4 year old daughter.

• How can he dress like that?

• Does she really need to carry all that stuff with her?

and so on and on.

Just in case you need something to feel superior about, my per mile average time as 16:55. But of course, I could have run the whole way if I’d really wanted to.

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