Buddhism under Capitalism: AAR/Boston/2017

Economics and Capitalism in the Study of Buddhism Seminar

Call for Papers, 2017:

Collapse of Empires—institutional changes created by larger social, political, and economic changes; this includes historical and contemporary instances, such as the collapse of the Pala Empire, and that of the Tibetan Empire, and more recent instances, such as the dissolution of direct colonialist domination and soviet control of economies; topics therefore also encompass neo-colonialism and post-colonialism.

The Seminar actively encourages contributions that extend the horizon of discussion beyond the contemporary, that is, it seeks to include examples from any historical period, not just modern and post-modern. Also, while the Seminar seeks to support a sustained conversation of the different topics falling within its general theme, proposals are welcome from anyone—whether they have participated in the seminar in the past or not.

The formal call for papers should appear on the AAR website in the next couple of months, and submission of proposals for the 2017 meeting of the Seminar will be through the AAR’s “PAPERS” system.


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