9 November, the day after

This morning Rev. Matsumoto and Dean Mitchell organized a special service at the Institute of Buddhist Studies to help staff and students with the news of Trump’s victory. In the discussion afterwards, one thought that struck me was how profoundly motivated by fear my own feelings are, and then I understood that those who supported Trump have are also been motivated by fear. And while it was admittedly only in a very abstract sense, I understood what it would mean to have compassion for both myself, for those around me, and for those who supported Trump as well.

Feeling deep gratitude for my friends and colleagues who provide the support of a community.

2 thoughts on “9 November, the day after

  1. I think it is admirable and desirable to try to understand the fears of others, and to have compassion for them–we aren’t going to be able to repair the polarized climate in our country without it.

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