Buddhism under Capitalism: Deadline Extended by AAR for proposals

Good news for anyone wishing to submit a proposal for the seminar on Economics and Capitalism in the Study of Buddhism, AAR, Atlanta, 2015:
The deadline for all 2015 Annual Meeting Call for Papers proposals is EXTENDED to Wednesday, March 4 at 4:59 PM Eastern Standard Time. The Call for Papers for the 2015 AAR Annual Meeting in Atlanta, GA is online. Proposals may be submitted through the Program Administration Proposal, Evaluation, Review, and Submission (PAPERS) System.

No extension beyond March 4 at 4:59 pm EST. Please submit your proposal as early as possible so that our servers don’t get overloaded during the last minutes before the deadline!

The topic for the 2015 seminar meeting is:

For the inaugural year of this seminar, our theme is “Health Care Institutions and Economics: Transforming Buddhist Practice.” We will investigate such topics as the secularization of mindfulness, chaplaincy as a new kind of Buddhist professionalization, the medicalization and psychologization of Buddhist practices, and the transfer of authority from monastics to laity.

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