What? Unintended Humor: NYT & Religion

In its report on Laurie Zoloth’s presidential address to the AAR (“Setting Aside a Scholarly Get-Together, For the Planet’s Sake” 5 Dec. 2014), the New York Times described the impact that Dr. Zoloth had on the programming of the 2014 meeting. As part of her guidance of the annual meeting’s priorities, she “encouraged program chairmen…to seek out papers that dealt with the environment and climate change. She succeeded; in her estimate, nearly a third of this year’s papers somehow discussed the environment, ecology or related issues, like animal rights.” The report then goes on to identify three specific papers by title as exemplifying her accomplishments toward her goal.

These include Steven Heine’s presentation, titled “The Staying Power of the Zen Buddhist Oxherding Pictures.”

It would be even funnier if Steven’s paper was one of the one’s now past president Zoloth had included in her count of “nearly a third.” Fortunately, we’ll probably never know.

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