new issue of Pacific World, 3.14

Journal of the Institute of Buddhist Studies
Third Series, Number 14
Fall 2012
The Transnational Development of Japanese Buddhism During the Postwar Period: The Case of Tana Daishō
Michihiro Ama 1
Treatise Resolving Doubts About the Pure Land (Jingtu jueyi lun 凈土決疑論) by Master Yinguang 印光 (1861–1947)
Charles B. Jones 27
The Buddhist Sanskrit Tantras: “The Samādhi of the Plowed Row”
James F. Hartzell 63
The Pure Land on Earth: The Chronicles of Amoghapaśa: ’Phags pa Don yod zhags pa’i Lo rgyus
Christoph Wilkinson 179
Notes on Some Sanskrit Texts Brought Back to Japan by Kūkai
Rolf W. Giebel 187
Self-transformation According to Buddhist Stages of the Path Literature
Jared R. Lindahl 231
Fractal Journeys: Narrative Structure of the Path and of Tantric Practice
Richard K. Payne 277

available for download soon at the IBS website page:

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